Road trip check list

Road trip check list

Road trip check list

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If you have been thinking about taking a road trip this spring and want to ensure that it will be memorable for all the right reasons there is a lot you need to do before you hit the road and therefore the sooner you start your preparations the better. Regardless of whether you will be heading to the mountains, the badlands or all the way to the east coast, keep the following tips in mind. 

Invest in a tune up
Make sure that all is well with your vehicle before you head off; after all, you won’t want to be far from help only to discover that something is wrong. Not only is it crucial to have those core components inspected, such as your engine, tires, brakes and battery, but having your fluids topped up, oil changed and air filter replaced will do wonders to boost your fuel efficiency and therefore take some pressure off your travel budget as well.

Book early
Regardless of whether you plan on staying in hotels, campgrounds or fancy resorts, if you expect there to be room for you when you arrive make your bookings well in advance. The same goes for any tours you plan on taking, any equipment you may need to rent, and if there are special restaurants you have your heart set on book them now! However, be sure to ask about the cancellation policies of those bookings before you make them as you won’t want to lose a fortune if you have to change your plans at the last minute.

BYO entertainment
That long drive will be a lot more enjoyable for all on board if there is a way to keep everyone entertained, so bring along any toys, games, books, tunes and whatever else your gang will need to be content. If your road trip plans include doing things that require special gear or equipment, such as surfing, biking or climbing, bring your own supplies from home if at all possible as this can mean avoiding long line ups and saving a pretty penny on rental fees.

Plan for help
You may not be able to rely on friends and family for help when you are far from home, so ensure that you have a valid roadside assistance membership before you head off. Look into the location of mechanics or dealerships that you will passing along the way as well, just in case you have any more serious problems, and don’t leave home without a few emergency supplies in your vehicle, such as a fully-stocked first aid kit.

Protect the interior
If you will be on the road for any length of time you will need to protect the interior of your vehicle; otherwise, you risk returning home with a stained or damaged ride. Adding a set of protective mats is a great way to keep that muck and mess contained; however, for more comprehensive coverage invest in a set of custom liners that covers every inch of flooring. If nothing else, at least keep a garbage bag in your vehicle for any trash that you accumulate and deal with spills ASAP so that they don’t lead to mold or mildew developing.

Nothing is more important to the success of any road trip than the quality of your vehicle and if you need a decent mechanic to get your ride road trip ready our team here at Noral Toyota will be happy to help. For those looking to upgrade their ride altogether we also boast a wide range of new and used vehicles at unbelievable prices; just give us a call, visit us online or drop by and see us here at 10129 MacDonald Ave Fort McMurray.