How to become a better driver

How to become a better driver

How to become a better driver

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Becoming a better driver won’t just keep you and your passengers safer; it will make driving in even the most treacherous conditions a lot less stressful. The following are a few of the many easy ways to boost your driving abilities, so make 2016 the year you take your driving skills to a whole new level.

Take a course
Investing in a professional driving course will boost your skills considerably and there are countless fantastic options to choose from. For example, winter driving courses will show you how to deal with ice and snow, how to spot black ice as well as how to get out of a slide safely, while defensive driving courses will teach you how to identify potential hazards early enough to avoid them. Best of all, most courses can be completed in just a matter of days and will therefore upgrade your skills in a hurry.

Get to know your vehicle
Knowing more about your vehicle will make it easier to stay on top of important elements, such as your tire pressure, spark plugs and fluid levels, as well as help you spot potential problems before they become larger, more serious and more expensive to fix. Whether you do your own research online, read your vehicle’s manual or just ask your mechanic a few questions when you take your ride in for its regular tune-ups, getting to know your vehicle will make it easier to make the most of whatever you drive.

Reduce distractions 
Distracted driving causes a huge number of accidents on the road each year so if you are tempted by your phone while you are in the car either put it somewhere out of reach of invest in anti-distraction technology. There are a number of high-tech systems available nowadays that can keep you connected while minimizing distractions; for example, some will read out incoming texts and emails for you, while others will simply override your phone while you are driving and divert calls straight to voice message.

Stay alert
Driving when you are not 100% alert will drastically reduce your reflexes and therefore your overall driving skills as well, so make a commitment this year to avoid driving unless you are feeling sharp and clear-headed. If you need to get somewhere early in the morning, late at night or any other time when you are less than totally lucid, consider ride sharing, taking a cab or public transit, because drowsy driving doesn’t just endanger you, it puts others at risk as well.

To become a skilled driver, you need to spend time behind the wheel, because the more practice you have driving in a variety of conditions the easier it will be to become accustomed to them. If you are a new driver still developing your skills and confidence, practice driving on quiet streets in your local area, and if you will be towing for the first time, driving something larger than you are used to or taking on unfamiliar conditions, do a few short practice runs before taking on a longer journey.

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