Best car apps for 2016

Best car apps for 2016

Best car apps for 2016

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Technology has advanced at a breathtaking rate over the past few decades and nowhere has this been more apparent than in the world of mobile apps. The good news for modern drivers is that many of the most impressive apps of late are designed to keep drivers and their passengers safer, happier and more comfortable, so if you want to boost your driving experience this year download an app or two. Here we will look at some of 2016’s most amazing driving-related apps. 

This award-winning app effectively turns your smartphone into a personal in-car driving assistant. Simply attach your phone to your windshield-mount and iOnRoad will watch out for other vehicles and potential hazards for you; it will also monitor your lane position, track the local speed limits and if it becomes clear that you are in any sort of danger this amazing app uses audio and visual cues to alert you. The car locator feature makes finding your ride easy, a video recording is made of every drive – just in case you need evidence of an incident or accident – and this savvy app will even provide a complete analysis of the data from every trip should you want or need it.

Boasting the largest community of drivers on earth, this intelligent app makes navigating even the worst traffic a piece of cake. It works by collecting and compiling data from its more than 50 million members, which enables it to map up-to-the-minute information regarding everything from accidents and construction delays through to police operations causing congestion. Apart from saving you time and money on gas, Waze will even let you know if a friend or family member is heading to the same destination, making it easy to co-ordinate rides, pick-ups and meet-ups.

Gas prices can fluctuate wildly from station to station, though with GasBuddy finding the best deal is as simple as looking at your phone. This brilliant app won’t just tell you where to find the best price on gas in your local area, it will list your 10 best options, and it will even keep track of exactly how much each trip costs you. You can compare gas prices right across the country, making road trip budgeting easy, and if you get involved in the GasBuddy community by reporting prices in your area you can win hundreds of dollars in prizes each week.

Having car troubles can be a serious hassle, especially when you are far from home, but with OpenBay finding the best deal on repairs, wherever you are, is fast and easy. Simply describe the issues you are having with your vehicle and this user-friendly app will help to diagnose the problem for you; it will then solicit quotes from trusted mechanics near you and even find out how long the repairs will take at each location. With OpenBay you will also have access to the latest customer reviews of each mechanic, making your choice even easier, and once you have made your decision OpenBay provides a secure way to pay for those repairs.

Even the most brilliant apps won’t do you much good without a quality vehicle to work with and you won’t find any better options that those here at Noral Toyota. We boast one of Western Canada’s finest selections of new and used Toyotas, all of which you can view online, so if you are in the market for a great vehicle this year do yourself a favour and start your search here with us.